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Poverty and Inequality


Vox: The big drop in American poverty during the pandemic, explained

UChicago News: Employment alone isn’t enough to solve homelessness, study suggests

New York Times: Vast federal aid has capped rise in poverty, studies find | PDF

Washington Post: Nearly 8 million Americans have fallen into poverty since the summer | PDF

Bloomberg: Decades of gains over U.S. poverty at risk of being wiped out

NPR Planet Money: Amid pandemic, here’s what researchers have learned about the economy

BBC: Coronavirus: US poverty rises as aid winds down

The Economist: Measuring poverty in the midst of America’s Covid-19 epidemic

Wall Street Journal: Mismeasuring poverty | PDF

Los Angeles Times: New evidence shows that our anti-poverty programs, especially Social Security, work well

Slate: Inside the fight to define extreme poverty in America

Vox: How many Americans live on $2 a day? The biggest debate in poverty research, explained

The Economist: How many Americans lives on $2 a day?

Reason: Study shows that extreme poverty statistics have been overestimated, especially among families with children




San Francisco Chronicle: First-of-its-kind homelessness study reveals alarming statistic for California’s unhoused | PDF

KVTU Fox 2 News (Bay Area): First-of-its-kind study examines homeless mortality rates

Wall Street Journal: Fentanyl fuels surge in deaths among those who are homeless | PDF

Forbes: No Address – a scripted feature film – showcases the human dimension of homelessness


Child Tax Credit


Wall Street Journal: The Child Tax Credit is a Failed Experiment | PDF

Wall Street Journal: The Parable of the Child Tax Credit | PDF

Wall Street Journal: Monthly Child-Tax-Credit Payments Cease, Ending Cushion for Family Budgets | PDF

New York Times: Child Tax Credit’s Extra Help Ends, Just as Covid Surges Anew | PDF

Wall Street Journal: Joe Manchin and child poverty | PDF

Wall Street Journal: Biden’s child-poverty progress isn’t real | PDF

Washington Post: The battle over Biden’s child tax credit and its impact on poverty and workers | PDF

Wall Street Journal: The Bad Science Behind the Child Tax Credit Expansion | PDF

Associated Press: Child tax credit tussle reflects debate over work incentives

CNN: Joe Manchin wants to add a work requirement to the child tax credit. Here’s what that would do

Washington Post: Why extending the current child tax credit would do more harm than good  | PDF

New York Times: Joe Manchin’s Choices on Family Policy | PDF

CBS News: Child Tax Credit sparks debate: Should it have a work requirement?

Wall Street Journal: The child allowance welfare trap | PDF

Selected Columns

The first national calculation of mortality of the US homeless population (VoxEU; May 24, 2024): Bruce D. Meyer, Angela Wyse, and Illina Logani examine the relationship between homelessness and health outcomes, in particular, mortality. They find that, even after accounting for demographic and geographic differences, the mortality risk of people who have experienced homelessness is about 3.5 times that of the housed population.

Certification and recertification in welfare programmes: What happens when automation goes wrong (VoxEU; August 9, 2023): Derek Wu and Bruce D. Meyer report on the impact of automation of welfare caseworker assistance on enrollment burdens. They find considerable declines in enrollments one year after the rollout of the automated system, highlighting potential unintended consequences from automating the role of caseworkers.

The size and census coverage of the US homeless population (VoxEU; August 23, 2022): Bruce D. Meyer, Angela Wyse, and Kevin Corinth analyze data from the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the 2010 Census and the American Community Survey to understand the size of the U.S. homeless population and its coverage in available data sources.

Introducing a New Dataset to Better Understand Homelessness in the US (VoxEU; July 25, 2021): Bruce D. Meyer, Angela Wyse, and Kevin Corinth report on how the CID Project is building an unprecedented dataset to improve our understanding of homelessness in the United States, and summarizes early findings from this research agenda.

Inequality in the joint distribution of consumption and time use (VoxEU; January 10, 2019): Bruce D. Meyer, James Sullivan, and Jeehoon Han look at leisure and consumption together for the same families by imputing the amount of leisure families consume in the Consumer Expenditure Survey and find a negative relationship between consumption and leisure.

Consumption and income inequality in the US since the 1960s (VoxEU; January 15, 2018): Bruce D. Meyer and James Sullivan explain how consumption data show that changes in inequality in economic wellbeing are more nuanced than a simple story of rising dispersion throughout the distribution.

Selected Public Events and Interviews

AllChicago Webinar on Using Linked Data to Learn about Homelessness (May 29, 2024): Angela Wyse and Bruce D. Meyer present their findings from research using linked data to learn about homelessness, including a discussion of the coverage of people experiencing homelessness in the 2010 Census and income and connections to the social safety net in this population.

Angela Wyse on estimating the US homeless population (January 24, 2023): Angela Wyse sits down for an interview at the 2023 annual meeting of the American Economic Association (AEA)/Allied Social Science Association (ASSA) to talk about estimating the size and characteristics of the US homeless population.

American Enterprise Institute Event on Improving the Supplemental Poverty Measure (September 14, 2021): Kevin Corinth and Bruce Meyer present and discuss a report they coauthored with other scholars on shortcomings of the Supplemental Poverty Measure and how to improve it, drawing heavily on work by the CID Project.

Brookings Institution/American Enterprise Institute Event on Measuring Poverty (June 9, 2021): Drawing heavily on work by the CID Project, Bruce Meyer presents the final report of the Interagency Technical Working Group on Evaluating Alternative Measures of Poverty (on which he served as a co-chair), and a number of poverty experts provide commentary.

EconTalk with Russ Roberts (May 31, 2021): Bruce Meyer discusses extreme poverty, homelessness, economic mobility and the importance of the CID with Russ Roberts.

Institute for Research on Poverty Webinar on Measuring Poverty (April 21, 2021): Drawing heavily on work by the CID Project, Bruce Meyer presents the final report of the Interagency Technical Working Group on Evaluating Alternative Measures of Poverty (on which he served as a co-chair), and University of Michigan professor David Johnson provides commentary.

Brookings Papers on Economic Activity Conference (June 25, 2020): Affiliated CID researcher and Notre Dame professor James Sullivan presents joint work with Jeehoon Han and Bruce Meyer on income and poverty during the COVID-19 pandemic.

American Enterprise Institute Event on Extreme Poverty (July 10, 2018): Bruce Meyer presents the CID and how it transforms our understanding of extreme poverty in the United States, and several poverty experts provide commentary.

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